What is Cocertify ?

Learn what Cocertify is, according to the discipline you teach.


In science, the reasoning is often as important as the result. The result is rarely binary, which is why peer grading is much more relevant than machine grading. The correction guidelines that you'll give will help students avoid traps when grading their peers. One use case of Cocertify is a revision tool before exams. Sent a few weeks before the exam, Cocertify will allow students practice, adjust their revisions, and better understand the expectations of correctors.

Figure 1. Exercise of Corporate Finance

Language art

Students often make the same mistakes in languages, as if they were not able to learn from the correction you spend time doing. Peer grading and self assessment are very powerful means to raise awareness in order to can break bad habits. In addition to that, in language arts, or in creative fields, there is never an absolute answer. Sometimes, students who are disappointed with their results feel disliked by their teacher. Nothing is more powerful than the anonymous consensus of their peers to help them realize that they need to change. As in science, Cocertify is a great revision tool. But in language arts Cocertify can be particularly effective as a continuous assessment tool. Activate self assessment on your assignment to help your students take a step back. Send them homeworks when you simply wouldn't have time because of lack of time to correct.

Figure 2. Peer grading on an english essay


For many positions in business, it is almost as important to know how to make constructive criticism as it is to produce quality. Criticism is an art, it is not innate. Teach your students that form of communication and prepare them for the world of business. A use of Cocertify that we usually see is at the end of a conference cycle. You get speakers from the business world who testify on a theme? You want to grade the students on something other than attendance? But you do not plan to grade hundreds of papers? Use Cocertify at the end of the cycle and invite your group. Within days, you'll validate the actual student learning while staying within your time constraints.

Figure 3. Validation of learning conference