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Sales - 01 Jan 2016

"The results are quite easy to assess visually"

It all started through a friend of a friend. One evening, as we're discussing our projects, I am made aware of how Saint-Gobain is deploying a coaching and learning program worldwide...

In this interview, John, Global Technical Training Development Manager @ Saint Gobain, tells us how he uses Cocertify, and what he learned from it.

Cocertify: Hello John, can you tell us a bit more about you and Saint-Gobain?

John (Saint-Gobain): My name is John Brown and my job title at Saint-Gobain is Global Technical Training Development Manager. My job involves working with Countries in the Saint-Gobain (Gypsum Activity) to assess the levels of technical competence amongst their customer-facing personnel and then having identified any potential knowledge gaps helping to introduce a structured training programme to ‘plug’ these gaps and meet country’s future Business needs. Saint-Gobain operates in 60 countries, has 170,000 employees and has net sales of €39.6 Billion.

What were your goals when you decided to reach out to Cocertify?

We developed the Technical Competence Measurement (TCM) Survey in 2012 and our latest survey in 2016 was Phase III. Customer-facing personnel in over 30 countries participated in the survey and in order to provide each country with comprehensive analysis/feedback from the survey we undertook a ‘pilot’ survey in 2015 and the main survey in 2016 using the Cocertify software. We used Cocertify because we were confident that the survey tool could provide us with the flexible feedback and analysis that countries had previously advised us that they required on their customer-facing personnel.

How did you hear about Cocertify?

We were introduced to Cocertify by our previous Manager. My colleague and I had an initial meeting with the company and decided to use them for our TCM 2016 survey.

How do you use Cocertify?

We survey over 30 countries with an average of 27 customer-facing personnel in each country. Our initial survey comprised of 50 ‘open’ and ‘multiple-choice’ questions and our main surveys comprise of 50 ‘multiple-choice’ questions. Each survey is unique to the country that it was sent to and over 80% of the surveys are provided in the local language. We compile our own surveys and assess the results from each survey ourselves.

What are the benefits of Cocertify?

The top three benefits that we perceive using the software are as follows:

  • The customer service provided by Cocertify is very good. When we experience any problems they are very good at resolving any issues that we cannot deal with ourselves.
  • To assess the results is visually quite easy to obtain.
  • The majority of people who took the multiple-choice survey found it easy to access and to complete.