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Cocertify is a breakthrough peer assessment technology
to grade your homeworks.

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The benefits of peer assessment


We increase student retention with students working on the homework an extra time as a corrector.


Students are challenged and motivated by seeing other people's work.


Student scores are higly correlated with staff scores, so you save grading time.

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How it works

Upload an assignment and its solution to Cocertify.
Cocertify collects answers online directly.
The students solutions are randomly and anonymously redistributed so that they can grade each other’s work. Each student grade 5 answers.
Analyse student data and assign the final grades.

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What students say

Cocertify puts us in the shoes of the professor and enables us to see how others replied, which is a good eye-opener.

Marie Student, 21 years old

Cocertify helps to understand the concepts at stake in the questions through the grading that we do. This allows us to refocus on the topic, see what others have replied, and more importantly manipulate again the concepts.

Maxime Student, 22 years old
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Our ambition is to help future generations develop critical judgment